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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Nike Dual Fusion Running Shoes

I didn't get anything from the list I had from my last blog. But I got something from my all-time shopping list which is NEW RUNNING SHOES! I'm a pretty picky person when it comes to athletic wear, then I saw these Nike Dual Fusion shoes and fell in love instantly. They're so comfy and super cute! I love the bright pink with the gray. I saw some online in pink and want them too! See here: Nike Dual Fusion.

There's nothing better than getting in shape and looking cute while doing it! ;)


  1. They look like mines! I got Nike Revolution 2 and I love them. These are lovely! xxxx

  2. ahh those shoes look awesome, love the bright orange on them. so fun!

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  4. I need new running shoes! They look so cute :) x

    The Sunday Chapter

  5. beautiful shoes!

  6. Love that trendy sneakers!! ready to run!!

  7. Hello, I just love your blog so much! I started mine days ago, so I am a newbie in this cute world of bloggers, I hope you can check my blog and help me share my "world" ♥

  8. cute shoes x

  9. These are gorgeous, happy running!
    Laura. xx

  10. Nordstrom Rack is just the best!
    I am in serious need of new running shoes, too, as I currently have none that fit.
    I'm a big fan of the Nike Free Runs (which I had and grew out of) so I'll have to check my local store often to see if I can get a discount!


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