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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Lace Flats

I took a stroll through Chinatown and Downtown Los Angeles and came across these adorable lace flats. I was originally going to get the black ones since they are easier to match with any outfit, but I couldn't help myself and grabbed both the black and white. I'm obsessed with lace at the moment so these shoes were such an amazing find!

They are not only precious to look at but the shoes have a thick, soft padding making them super comfortable as well. The saleswoman told me these shoes were shipped from Taiwan which explains why they were a little on the pricey side. ($20 US each)

So in love...can't wait to stroll around town with these ;)


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2015 New Year Wishlist

So I decided to do a wishlist from time to time since my last wishlist post got so many comments going. You can read that post here.

Here are a few things I have been obsessing over lately (top to bottom):

1. Tory Burch Sunglasses Disco Logo Sunglasses 2. Estee Lauder BB Daywear in Medium | 3. Nikon J4 Digital Camera in Black (picture is J3 because it's a cute cream color, but the J4 is the newer version.) 4. MAC Lipstick in Rebel 5. Louis Vuitton Damier Trevi PM

I really suggest taking the time to browse online through pinterest, instagram, or even google to put together your own wishlist. It's fun to make collages of what you want because it gets you excited and then it reminds you to make more moolah! lol

Looking for new theme - any suggestions?

Hey all - I'm updating soon. I've been focusing on finding a new clean, chic theme for my site. I've been looking at a few websites but nothing for sure yet.

Does anyone have any recommendations on where I can cute, girly themes? That'd be greatly appreciated :) xoxo

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Abercrombie & Hollister New Year's Sale Shopping

Note to self: Always shop during the New Year's holiday because the sales are INSANE. I went to the mall on the 31st for a late Xmas gift and to my surprise...about every store had a 50-80% off sale. I was browsing around Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister since it's been a bit colder than usual here in Hollywood, and I was in need of some winter coats. I ended up grabbing two hooded jackets, a cropped fuzzy white sweater,  and a cozy gray sweater with fur-like interior.

All of that for about $150!! Usually you could only get one jacket for that price!

On the 1st, I stopped by the mall again in the morning to return an Xmas gift I received (I know, I'm horrible) and Victoria's Secret had their huge semi-annual sale. That's for another blog post so stay tuned. ;) I think there are still tons of sales going on so go online shopping and check them all out! Things are going quick!!

I'm about to shop online at Target for some good Nikon cameras. Hope you all had a Happy Holiday and wish you a fantastic New Year! xoxo
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