Victoria's Secret Fabulous Push Up Triangle Bikini

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Please excuse the fuzziness of my bathroom mirror, but check out my new Victoria's Secret bikini! Super excited to finally find a bikini I absolutely adore!
Check out Victoria's Secret Swimwear if you want to browse their current bikini sale!

I'm so happy with the coral and bright colors. I wanted something that would stand out! 
Best part? I spent over $65 and they gave me a free tote!! ~sigh~ Nothing better than a freebie just for shopping at my favorite store. Plus, the tote is bright pink and so roomy.

Remember my shopping list from my previous post? I can cross bikini off now finally!

Summer Shopping Haul: Floral top and bottom, Bedhead Moisture Maniac and Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy

Saturday, July 5, 2014

I went window shopping to a few boutiques in my area and had to grab these cute items!

1. First, I love the yellow floral New York tank top! I have a weakness for backless tops so when I saw the back design on this tank top, I had to grab it. Plus, adding a yellow top to your summer wardrobe is pretty much a must-have!

2. Second, I grabbed a pair of cute floral jean shorts (can you tell I'm into the floral look?) - I just think it adds a little something extra!

3. I also grabbed a small bottle of my favorite perfume: Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy. I love getting perfume at They have a variety of Juicy Couture sets, and sometimes I like to just grab the rollerball size to throw in my bag and have on the go!

4. Last on my shopping spree, I was in need of some new shampoo and conditioner. I was previously using Moroccan Oil which I absolutely love, however once in a while I need to switch it up otherwise I feel like products can build up in my hair. I saw people raving on about Bedhead Moisture Maniac Shampoo and Conditioner and that persuaded me to try it out and purchase the set. I've used it two times already and I have to say, it smells soooo yum! It also leaves my hair feeling super moisturized, but also clean. Sometimes Moroccan Oil felt a little on the heavy side because the oil is really potent, but I didn't feel that with Bedhead. Smell is really important to me for hair products and the girlier the smell the better, so that's another plus as this set has a strong floral smell. I highly recommend it.
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