Clarisonic Mia / Clarins Everlasting Liquid Foundation and Powder

Sunday, September 14, 2014

CLARISONIC:I finally gave in and got myself a Clarisonic Mia from Bloomingdales! After weeks of reading reviews and watching Clarisonic reviews on youtube, I had to succumb. I decided on the Mia over the Mia 2 because I wanted a basic cleansing tool without all of the fuss. Plus, I honestly thought $99 was more reasonable rather than shelling out the $149 for a Mia 2 when the only real difference is an additional speed setting. I was going back and forth between the light pink, lavender, and turquoise but when I saw the lavender in person, it was just too pretty to pass up. :)
I also grabbed some makeup remover wipes from Costco for those days I need to alternate with the Clarisonic so I don't overdo the deep scrubbing.

CLARINS: I also have to share some exciting new products I sampled at Clarins today. If you aren't familiar, Clarins is a plant-based skincare and makeup line from France. I explained to the sales rep. at Bloomingdales how I have combination/oily skin and have recently experienced some breakouts along my cheeks. I also have more of a warm skin tone, and I personally favor the "dewy glow" look. When she gave me a mini makeover, I was floored at how flawless my skin looked after a single application of foundation, powder, and concealer. 

The line has a silky smooth texture and truly minimizes my redness, dryness, and blemishes. I immediately had to purchase the Everlasting Powder Foundation in the color Honey 110, as well as the concealer in 02. The concealer has a light infusing effect that highlights underneath my eyes and gives me the appearance of a healthy glow. The rep. was nice enough to give me a bunch of samples so I could try out the liquid foundation in Honey and Amber. I found it to be a tad bit whitening on my skin whereas I prefer more color, but I still highly recommend wearing it and just layering a bit more bronzer. 

The rep. threw in a complimentary travel kit that includes a facial scrub, toner, and makeup remover which is exactly what I need to add to my daily nighttime routine. Being in my late 20's, I really want to start focusing on taking care of my skin and using only the most highly rated beauty products. I'm going to cut this post short and run off to have fun with my Clarisonic! I am going to try it out for a bit and will possibly post a review ;) Stay tuned!


  1. Hi sweetie,
    So interesting and great products
    I really love them
    Maggie D.
    The Indian Savage diary Fashion Blog

  2. HEY everyone! :-)
    Follow me on instagram @radunovicana :)
    You must visit this :)

    And dear your blog is amazing! :)

  3. nice products above dear :)

  4. looks like a nice products... wanna try them all...

    It’s a GIRL Thing

    1. Trust me, it was too hard to make a decision so I had to grab it all!! I'm such a shopaholic :X

  5. Oh very great for yout that you try the Clarisonic!

  6. Oh lucky you! The Mia has been on my list forever

  7. Awe how nice. I want these beauty set.

    enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  8. Oooh everything looks gorgeous!!! Love Clarins products - they're great!! :)

    Layla xx


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